Shops in Positano, RINO BOUTIQUE, Shop of clothing for women, man, children and clothing for sea, beach, between the shops of Positano RINO BOUTIQUE have all

Shops in Positano, RINO BOUTIQUE



Via Pasitea, 114 - Positano (SA)

Tel. (+39)089.812043


Desing by Gio&Vi







Shops in Positano, RINO BOUTIQUE SHOP in centre of Positano, between the shops of Positano, RINO have all the accessories for woman, man, children and other for beach, the shirts are very interenting becouse have the woven certifid fro Master of Linen, shirts in every kind od woven and colours, best quality

Between the best shops than Positano we find RINO BOUTIQUE, between the first shops of positano, been born in years 60, the founder has been craftsman of the birth of the Positano fashion with its dressed and precious woven particular shirts in and much beautiful, great class and clevering, storees of the center of Positano